"Left Wingers" is the Laced Coded Race Language of the Southern Strategy

Many times we hear candidates like Trump or Ryan and others use the term "left wingers." This is not just a phrase. It is the laced coded race language of the southern strategy. No, it doesn't sound racist but read (here at the bottom) one of those whose lips first uttered the term. Notice how language like "individual property rights," "individual liberty," and "free enterprise" also have deep racist undertones. Remember that these social ideas were copied and used as rationalization for the legality of slavery. Slaves were seen as property and the result of free enterprise and individual liberty. Not injustice and races. After the end of slavery the goal of many was to keep the negro as close to slavery as possible. The rationale was this had to be done as a matter of economics, and not ethics. What was seen as unethical was not segregation or even slavery but any attempt to undermine individual freedom and free enterprise (trade) even if the actions of free enterprise work to undermine the freedom of black human beings and black lives. Those black and white who dared to challenge this ungodly use of free enterprise and perverted ideas of individual liberty were labeled by extremist as "liberal left wingers." Remember this the next time you hear the term. 

Alabama governor George Wallace on July 4, 1964 gives a speech condemning the Civil Rights Act, claiming that it will threaten individual liberty, free enterprise and private property rights and adding: "The liberal left-wingers have passed it. Now let them employ some pinking social engineers in Washington, D.C., to figure out what to do with it."