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Declaration of Moral Action Against the Nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions(The Nation,01.09.2017)

Moral Leaders Gather to #StopSessions and #ResistBigotry (NBC/ABC/Fox,01.10.2017)  

Hundreds join the Rev. William Barber’s ‘Moral March’ in D.C. to protest Jeff Sessions as attorney general(Washington Post,01.09.2017)

7 Highlights of a Morality that Looks like Jesus(RedLetter Christians,10.26.2016)

The Battle for North Carolina(The Atlantic,10.27.2016)

The Boogeyman of Voter Fraud Does Not Exist(,10.24.2016)

Justice in Philando Castile Shooting is Improved Safety for Everyone, Uncle Says(Star Tribune,10.10.2016)

Clergy call for 'Moral Revolution of Values' during National Political Revival Tour stop at Traci Blackmon's Church(The St. Louis American,09.30.2016)

Charlotte is drowning in Systematic Injustice(NBC News,09.22.2016)

In Charlotte, Recent Shooting Roils Police-Community Relations(NPR.09.24.2016)

Why We are Protesting in Charlotte(New York Times, 09.23.2016)

Those Impacted by Virginia's Criminal Justice System Deserve Justice and Compassion(Huffington Post, 09.26.2016)

Austinites rally for $15 minimum wage at State Capitol(CBSAustin,09.12.2016)

Marchers shut down Fifth and Broadway Downtown(The Tennessean,09.12.2016)

Faith Groups Lead Moral Day of Action at State House(Charleston City Paper,09.12.2016)

Minimum Wage Rally Held in Harrisburg(WGAL,09.13.2016)

Silent March on Moral Day of Action brings forth Hundreds in Ohio to Fight for Justice(,09.12.2016)

Church on Monday: The Reverend William Barber's Moral Day of Action Marches on the Capitol(IndyWeek,09.14.2016)

Líderes religiosos se reúnen para entregar declaración a gobernadora(Telemundo Nuevo Mexico,09.12.2016)

Protestors at Nevada Capitol Demand $15 Minimum Wage(News4,09.12.2016)

Protesters at Capitol Call for Higher Minimum Wage, Slam Voter ID Proposals(St. Louis Post-Dispatch,09.12.2016)

Moral Monday Protesters bring Progressive Demands to Beacon Hill(New Boston Post,09.12.2016)

Clergy call for finding 'high ground' on Kentucky Capitol steps(The State Journal,09.12.2016)

Activists, Clergy, Labor Leaders Rally against Gov. Rauner's Policies(The Journal Star,09.12.2016)

Rally calls for Change(,09.13.2016)

Minimum Wage Hike will help Colorado Economy, according to DU Study(Denver Post,09.13.2016)

State Capitol Flooded with Supporters of a Higher Minimum Wage(WCBS4,09.12.2016) 

Moral Day of Action Rally at Alabama Capitol(WFSA,09.12.2016)

'It's about What's Right and What's Wrong:' Clergy lead 'Higher Ground Moral Day of Action'(Newsone,09.13.2016)

#MoralMondays' Day of Action protests call on Politicians to help Poor, Minorities(, 09.12.2016)

Leaders of 'Religions of the Book' Gather in Washington Church(Tasmin News Agency,08.30.2016)

Moral Monday March Calls for $15 Per Hour(, 09.12.2016)

Faith Leaders Rally at Capitol Today for Day of Moral Action(Public News Service, 09.14.2016)

Call for 'Moral Economy' as NH Voters Head to Polls(Public News Service, 09.14.2016)

'Moral Day of Action' Reaches Kentucky Capitol(Public News Service, 09.14.2016)

'Moral Day of Action' Rallies Focus on Workers, Poor, Sick(The Washington Post, 09.12.2016)

NC Clergy leads 'Higher Ground Moral Day of Action' March in Raleigh(, 09.12.2016)

Activists ask: What makes a Campaign, Candidate 'Moral'?(, 09.12.2016)

Moral Monday Rally held in Raleigh(, 09.12.2016)

Nationwide, Workers join Clergy to Demand Lawmakers advance Politics of Morality(Common Dreams 09.12.2016)

Clergy to Lead Moral Monday "Day of Action" in Santa Fe and Other Capitols(Public Media for Southern New Mexico & Far West Texas, 09.09.2016)

Moral Mondays Pastor: Trump's Hypocrisy toward Blacks(CNN, 09.04.2016)

Reverend William Barber is on a Mission from God: Change the Country's Moral Narrative(The American Prospect, 08.22.16)

North Carolina Seeks to Restore the Voter ID Law(MSNBC, 08.08.16)

Morality in U.S. Politics(CSPAN, 08.12.16)

Building off Electrifying DNC Speech, Rev. Barber to Keynote First Ever Fight For $15 Convention(CommonDreams, 08.08.16)

William Barber, Khizr Khan Deliver Rousing DNC Speeches(Colorlines, 07.29.16)

Rev. Dr. William J Barber II: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know(, 07.29.16)

Rev. William Barber On DNC Speech, Morality, And The Future Of Civil Rights In America (WGBH, 08.01.16)

After DNC Speech, Pastor Leads Hundreds in Local Social Justice Service(The Boston Globe, 08.02.16)

Don't Give in to the Politics of Hate(The Huffington Post, 07.19.16)

The Deeper Truth Our Nation Needs(RedLetter Christians, 07.26.16)

The Moral Voice of The South (Politico, 07.30.15)