Calling all faith leaders, clergy,
& congresspersons to join us for

Moral monday
at the borderlands

July 28-29 + El PASO, Texas


We are calling on moral leaders and people of faith whose conscience compels them to join us.  We are calling on all congressional leaders who similarly are compelled by their conscience and our Constitution to join us. RSVP now

We demand an end to child detention. We demand that all refugees seeking asylum be granted the due process to do so. We demand equal protection under the law. We demand the preservation of human rights. We demand a termination of the “Remain in Mexico” program, which is putting migrants at high risk for kidnapping, theft, extortion, and abuse.  We demand an end to family separation.

Our demands are grounded in the most basic religious teachings and guaranteed by the Constitution. If they are not met by July 27, 2019, we will act in accordance with our conscience.

Note: All times listed above are Mountain Time.